Istec announces partnership with Incosys, South Korea

Istec has partnered with Incosys to supply and support Istec’s SpeedSys product line in South-Korea. With this partnership, both parties aim to maximize the value generated by rotating machinery by introducing the most advanced speed monitoring and protection hardware to the South Korean market.

About Incosys

IncoSys is a specialized company in surveillance/analysis systems and rotating machinery equipment. IncoSys operates in the field of industrial sensors measuring the rotation of steam, hydro, and nuclear power plant turbines, as well as diesel, gas engines, industrial, railway vehicles, and speed control devices used in ships.

Former Jaquet distributor

As a former Jaquet distributor, known for their high-quality tachometers and speed sensors, Incosys now offers Istec’s SpeedSys product line. These products, including tachometers and overspeed protection systems, serve as excellent one-to-one replacements for their previous offerings, ensuring continued reliability and performance for their valued customers.

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