Now available: Hot Cutover Tool trainings- and test case

Log Istec International

The new Hot Cutover Tool Training and Test Case makes it easy for users of the IST-202 and IST-203 hot cutover tool to set up a test or training with their tool. The case is designed to easely train migration teams, replicate field situations and gain confidence with the tool and the concept.

Using banana plug connectors, users can set up a circuit that replicates a field situation. The integrated current source simulates the DCS and the banana plugs and/or screw terminals at the end can be used to connect to either one of the integrated resistors to simulate a controller, or to an actual controller. The circuit is shown on the front panel and provides a clear view on the simplicity of the concept that is used in the IST-202 and IST-203.

The training- and test case makes it easy to set up a product training. The banana plug connection concept allows the user to connect external instruments, making the case suitable for both conceptual as practical training.

Istec offers personal hot cutover tool training as well. In these sessions, users learn how to use the tool and get more insight in the hot cutover tool concept, which increases safety, efficiency and confidence.