Online DCS migration tool eliminates downtime

DCS Online Migration Tool (IST 203)

Many process plants are using a distributed control system (DCS) that is becoming or is already obsolete. Considering a DCS migration is inevitable for numerous reasons, as can be read in:

Just these reasons are not enough to justify a DCS migration. Like every investment, a company expects a return on the investment (ROI). The older and more obsolete the distributed control system, the higher the ROI of migrating to a new DCS will be. How to justify a DCS migration can be read in:

However, the financial consequences of migrating can be a problem, especially for plants that have to be online continuously. Think of oil refineries for example, that are required to refine crude oil into useful products (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, etcetera) 24/7. Stopping this process, if that is even possible, will lead to excessive costs. The question then remains:

“How can DCS migration projects for these companies ever become rewarding?”

A proven solution

To answer this question our engineers had to achieve what has not been achieved before by attempting to develop a tool that enables an distributed control system (DCS) migration during online process conditions. This led to the development of the IST-203 online DCS migration tool. A tool that we are very proud of. The tool has supported companies during DCS migrations all over the world. In the context of: “every problem has a solution”, we can now offer the solution for DCS migrations during active process conditions. How Yokogawa uses the tool for online DCS migrations can be read in:

How does it work?

The IST-203 online migration tool takes over and simulates 0(4)-20 mA loops during active process conditions. This allows the user to perform an online control system migration without any downtime, while increasing efficiency and control. The tool can be used for all loops, but is especially useful for critical loops. The tool provides the technician with simple steps to follow during the online migration process, which minimizes human errors and risks. The tool is suitable for every online DCS migration approach. More detailed information about the tool can be read in our product presentation.

DCS Migration Testing Tool

Even more detailed information can be read in the product manual.

Interested in a live demonstration? Let us know! We can provide one using our training- and test version of the tool.