Online DCS Migration System IST-203

The IST-203 is a portable system that supports distributed control system (DCS) migrations during active process conditions. It facilitates online DCS migrations by taking over active control loops without any disturbance of the process. The system provides high value, both financially and safety-wise, and is easy to use, making it suitable for any migration strategy.

Any control system

The IST-203 supports the migration of 0(4)-20 mA control loops from any system brand, including the most process-critical loops.

Increased uptime

By temporarily taking over the control loops, the system does not influence the process and eliminates any downtime.

Increased safety

The system guides the user through the online migration process to minimize human error and risk, while improving safety and control.

“The most reliable and efficient way to migrate your control system”

Design concept

The IST-203 is designed as an advanced portable DCS migration system focused on usability, while ensuring safety and control. It delivers reliable loop control during online DCS migrations to eliminate downtime.  


How it works

Watch the video (0:43) for a visual explanation of how the IST-203 works. This video shows the steps that are taken during a control loop take-over when using the online DCS migration system.


The system is suitable for any control system (PLC, DCS) and is especially useful for plants that run a continuous process; where downtime is not an option. 

The system typically migrates a control loop in 2 minutes, including critical loops. The IST-203 facilitates parallel migrations to speed up the process even further. Typical industries include:    

Oil and gas


Electrical loop take-over

The system features electrical loop take-overs with offset control to manually control the loop during the migration, making it possible to react during unexpected process changes.

Software guided process

The loop take-over and migration process are software guided and shown on the small LCD step by step. This minimizes human error and risks, while increasing safety.

Output matching

The system checks whether the new DCS output matches the value of the old DCS. If the output is incorrect, the system will absorb any offset and provide directions to adjust the new DCS.


minutes average duration of a loop take-over


loops migrated with the system


DCS migrations in the past 5 years


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