Vibro-meter VM600

The Vibro-Meter VM600 is an advanced vibration monitoring and protection system for complex and critical rotating machinery. Its high channel density and fully configurable 19-inch card structure makes it suitable for complex installations and large (critical) machinery. 


Modular system structure

The efficient 19″ modular card structure makes it possible to create application-specific monitoring, protection or combined systems.

SIL-certified protection

The VM600 protection cards have been designed to meet the requirements for SIL 2 certified vibration protection, making the system suitable to deliver protection to the most critical rotating machinery.



Centralized architecture

Its centralized architecture enables a high channel density, making the VM600 eminent in delivering advanced vibration protection and monitoring to large (critical) machinery.


“The most advanced vibration protection and monitoring system for critical rotating machinery”


The Vibro-Meter VM600 is designed to deliver to most advanced vibration monitoring and protection (SIL 2) and is eminent for large critical rotating machinery with higher channel counts. Its modular 19″ cards allows users to build a system that suits application-specific demands. 

In addition, the system can be integrated with VibroSight software, which enables detailed insights into the condition of rotating machinery and offers extensive analysis options.  




The VM600 is suitable for plants where rotating machinery is concentrated in one area, requiring centralized monitoring with higher channel counts. Typical applications include: 

Gas turbines
■ Steam turbines
■ Hydro turbines
■ Other critical rotating machinery


System segregation

The VM600 uses one type of card for protection and another for condition monitoring, in order to separate these functions and thereby ensuring API 670 compliance and reduced costs.

High channel density

A stand-alone VM600 protection card has 4 input channels, but can be scaled up to 48 input channels per VM600 rack, allowing to extend vibration protection to the most demanding rotating machinery.

Advanced monitoring

The separate VM600 condition monitoring card delivers 16 dynamic channels and 4 tachometer, which are all independently configurable to deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability.


System features

  • SIL 2 certified (TÜV Nord)
  • Hot-swappable monitoring cards
  • Suitable for accelerometers, proximity probes, velocity, dynamic pressure and ice detection sensors
  • Suitable for integration with VibroSight analysis and data processing software


  • Protection cards: 4 dynamic and 2 tachometer channels
  • Monitoring cards: 16 dynamic and 4 tachometer channels
  • Standard 19 inch, 6U racks