About Istec International

Rotating machines are one of the most critical parts of industrial processes. The monitoring and protection of these machines requires state of the art systems that meet the increasing demands of industrial applications.

Our expertise is to support the control of these critical sensors and systems during their operational life; to guarantee maximum machine availability and safety and to provide new monitoring data and machine insights.

The new full-service standard

A shortage of fast and quality service is a growing problem for users of control and monitoring systems. Due to brand loyalty, inaccessibility and lack of local presence, manufacturers of these complex systems simply cannot provide the service that end users need. A dedicated team of highly-certified vibration and overspeed Istec specialists are available locally for fast, brand-independent service for end users, who can be contacted directly for service as needed.

Market developments: a growing need for expertise

The current market for machine monitoring is changing rapidly with SIL as an important driver. This standard plays a leading role in the current market for the safety measures of industrial equipment, both for suppliers and end users. This trend goes hand in hand with increasing complexity of systems and as a result a growing need for expertise.

At the same time, predictive maintenance strategies require more and better data. There is a tension between the cost price and integrity of data, and new technologies are finding their way to the market to respond to this tension. For machine control and monitoring, the integrity of data is a prerequisite for success.

Istec has responded to the increasing demand for service
and expertise with the new full-service solution: Istec Response™.
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Knowledge and cases

We place informative articles and useful case-studies on our knowledgeblog related to procesinstrumentation, condition monitoring, vibrationmeasurements and machineguarding.