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Since the founding in 1974, Istec has grown a great passion and extensive expertise for speed and vibration measurements and taken the position of market leader in these areas of expertise in the Benelux. We have redefined hardware applicability of speed and vibration systems for rotating machinery, and have developed a strong hardware portfolio that delivers maximum machine availability and value generation to our customers. To extend our growth, Istec is looking for distributors that share our product and service philosophy to offer our unique hardware portfolio to an international market.

Istec’s philosophy

Our products are designed to ensure maximal value generation of rotating machinery by protecting what was previously left unprotected, due to financial and technical reasons. By taking scalability and modularity to new heights, we translated our transmitter-based design philosophy into our products and made them applicable to any rotating machine. Our hardware portfolio negates complexity without compromising performance and is driven by customer and market needs.

What we offer

Hardware portfolio

Istec offers a competitive hardware portfolio that consists of products designed to widen the range of machinery that is eligible for monitoring and protection, with a low financial and technical impact. Complete solutions including advanced sensors, vibration and speed protection / monitoring systems, and calibration equipment. With short lead times and adequate stock levels we enable distributors to provide fast customer service.

Onboarding program

We offer an extensive onboarding program to become familiar with our hardware portfolio and the underlying philosophy. This program provides distributors with tangible tools to successfully tap into this business opportunity and continuous short lines of communication and comprehensive second line technical and sales support.

Marketing support

Our in-house marketing team creates all the necessary tools to market our products. This includes visuals, video’s, documentation, whitepapers, case-studies, etc.

What we expect

We are looking for dedicated distributors that are familiar with vibration and speed measurements and exceed the distribution of solely our hardware portfolio, by extending our service and product philosophy to an international market. We expect the commitment to offer a high level of support and expertise and an occasional effort to follow technical and commercial webinars by our product experts.


If you are interested in becoming a local partner, contact Wouter and we look forward meeting you!


“We reached the point where the product gaps were becoming
too big and decided to act on the opportunity.

Wouter Verschuren (CEO)


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