Case: Negating the need for several third parties from installing and maintaining protection systems

Client: BP


How to relieve the on-site team for the service and maintenance of advanced protection systems during turn arounds? How to negate the need for several third parties from installing and configuring these important systems. And how to ensure the consistent quality of work required to maximize machine safety and availability, during the high pressure of a major turn around?


We kicked off with a system survey and identified potential gaps. During the turnaround, we supported the on-site team with our full-service turnaround approach, taking over the entire scope of disconnecting, replacing, validating and commissioning of the protection systems. Throughout the project, a dedicated team of experts ensured a consistent quality of work and correct and accurate functioning of the systems, within the turnaround schedule.


  • Full scope turn around service
  • Validation and calibration of field instrumentation and systems
  • Responsive and on time supply of services
  • Extensive reporting and system status information


The service and maintenance to these critical systems are no longer part of a general scope and distributed over several suppliers, but fully managed by a single team of dedicated experts. This increases the consistency of work, improves component status insights and supports overall safety and availability.

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