Centralized versus distributed machine monitoring system

Gecentraliseerd versus gedistribueerd machinebewakingssysteem

Vibro-Meter VM600, centralized measurement system

The VM600 measurement system from Vibro-Meter is a centralized machine monitoring system that can be expanded to a condition monitoring system. It is developed for plants where data from all machines is centrally stored in a (secure) central room and where physical connection to raw signals is required to gain insight into the measurement values. This makes it a centralized measurement system.

The VM600 receives input from accelerometers, pressure transmitters, proximity probes, and speed, temperature, and airgap sensors. This input is then analyzed for monitoring shaft vibrations (relative and absolute), oil pressure, vibrations, and speed. The VM600 cards are SIL 1 certified by TÜV Nord, which is the standard for reliability and safety (IEC 61508 and EN ISO 13849-1).

For medium-sized rotating machinery, Vibro-Meter offers the VM600 Slimline. This system has the same computing power as the “full” system (6U rack) but is more compact (namely 1U) and has fewer channels. You can find more information about the VM600 machine monitoring system (PDF).


Vibro-Meter VSV301, distributed measurement system (VibroSmart)

Like the VM600 system, the VSV301 VibroSmart measurement system is used for machine monitoring and condition monitoring of critical machines and balance-of-plant equipment. VibroSmart allows for monitoring more machines, in more plants, and in a more cost-effective manner. The system is designed for plants where a distributed architecture applies, for smaller machines with fewer channels. The VibroSmart modules can be directly installed at the machine that needs to be monitored. Therefore, VibroSmart requires less cabling, which results in lower costs. Furthermore, VibroSmart is suitable for industrial environments where there is a risk of explosion (ATEX) and high temperatures and mechanical stresses prevail. You can find more information about the VSV301 machine monitoring system (PDF).

Below is a schematic comparison between the VSV301 (VibroSmart) and the VM600. This is not a complete representation of all the features of the systems but a clear overview of the factors important for comparing the systems.

For more information, you can directly consult our specialists in machine monitoring and condition monitoring via the contact page.