ISO 18436-2 level 3 and 4

Analyzing and interpreting the measurement data is specialized work. Knowledge and experience play an important role in order to draw the right conclusions. To ensure the highest quality, the vibration specialists of Istec are certified according to ISO 18436-2 level 3 and 4. There are only three ISO 18436-2 Level 4 specialists in the Netherlands and 50 worldwide. Also, much attention is paid  to gain and share knowledge and experience within the organization.

ISO 9001 certificate

The ISO 9001 certificate gives Istec International legitimacy to sell, supply and install measuring and control equipment. Additionally Istec International is also certified to provide service, maintenance and service to monitoring systems for rotating equipment.

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SCC ** certificate

The SCC ** certificate provides Istec International legitimacy for installing and performing maintenance to monitoring systems with rotating equipment. As well as performing vibration measurements.

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