Condition monitoring for wind turbines

The mechanical forces to which wind turbines are subjected, the continual increase in the size of these turbines, and the rapidly growing number of wind turbines make it necessary for asset managers to implement a condition monitoring program. In this article, we discuss the importance of applying vibration monitoring and analysis for condition monitoring on wind turbines, and how it contributes to their optimal performance and reliability.

Mechanical forces

Wind turbines are exposed to various mechanical forces, including wind load, weight load, vibrations, torsional forces, and ice loading. These forces affect the performance and reliability of the turbine and must be carefully managed. Periodic vibration analyses provide asset managers, operators, and operators of wind turbines with insight into the condition of their wind turbines and allow them to anticipate maintenance needs of the turbines in a timely manner.

Increasingly larger turbines

In addition to the mechanical forces to which wind turbines are exposed, it is important to note that wind turbines are becoming larger. This larger size brings more complex and challenging maintenance requirements. The increase in size not only increases the loads on turbine components but also makes the execution of maintenance activities logistically more complex and financially more impactful. It is therefore crucial that wind turbine operators use advanced technologies and strategies for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to ensure the performance and reliability of these larger wind turbines and to keep operational costs under control.

Increasing numbers

Besides the growth in the size of individual wind turbines, there is also a significant increase in the number of installed wind turbines worldwide. This growth in the number of turbines requires efficient deployment of maintenance teams and further emphasizes the importance of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. With a larger number of turbines, it is essential to detect problems early to minimize unplanned downtime and to optimize the efficiency of the wind farm.

Vibration analysis services for wind turbines

Istec offers vibration analysis services for wind farms, providing insights into the condition of wind turbines. With Europe’s largest in-house team of highly certified vibration specialists, we support managers (operators) and owners of wind farms in their mission to operate their wind parks at optimal performance levels.