Courses and Training

Istec offers courses and training sessions in the field of vibration measurement and condition monitoring. In general, the courses are constructed independent from any specific products, but if necessary the courses can be focused on brands and systems that are used at the concerning company. On the left side of this page you will find more information about our trainings/courses.


“We are very pleased with the training ‘Vibration Engineer Machine Condition Monitoring’, which Istec has organized for our company. Both the content and the presentation were perfectly in line with the practice.”


Want to know more about what Istec can offer in the field of courses and training for your business? Please feel free to contact us, we will gladly help you in providing the best training solutions for you business.

Courses & Training

At this moment Istec offers the following courses and training:


A course or training can be adapted to the specific situation in your organization so that it fits perfectly with the practice.

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A brief history of vibration

In 1939, T.C. Rathbone published a paper called ‘Vibration Tolerance‘ in the magazine Power Plant Engineering. The ideas in this paper are considered the foundation of modern industrial vibration measurements.…