Customer reference: AEB


The team of engineers was challenged to seek an advanced vibration protection system to meet their demanding requirements. With the increasing complexity of these systems, they had to ensure the system would be commissioned and maintained to the highest standards.

In addition, they were looking for advanced machine condition data to support their maintenance decisions and increase operational availability.


We helped the team to select suitable, high quality hardware and provided a turn key solution, fully engineered en commissioned for this retrofit application. With our Istec Response™ services, we supported the teams transition from operating and maintaining these advanced systems to using their output, while our dedicated team of experts supplies lifetime support and uses the vibration data to provide advanced machine insights.


  • Selecting suitable hardware to meet their demanding requirements
  • Release the plant crew of maintaining these advanced systems
  • Responsive maintenance services to maximize safety and availability
  • Advanced vibration analysis to unlock new machine insights



The turbines and generators are now running advanced monitoring and protection systems, to maximize safety and operational uptime. The vibration analysis provides valuable information to implement new maintenance strategies for AEB’s most critical rotating machinery.

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