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Teijin Aramid

Together with CPI, we have developed and implemented a turnkey solution for two critical piston compressors to solve the need for periodic shutdowns for inspection on rider band wear. The RecipSys 200 provides very accurate and real-time insight into the current wear of the rider bands, thereby increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

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With our full service approach, we supported AVR in selecting, implementing and maintaining advanced systems to collect critical vibration data. On a monthly basis our dedicated team of vibration experts analyse the data and provide extensive reports that enable more effective maintenance.

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During the turnaround, we supported the on-site team with our full-service turnaround approach, taking over the entire scope of disconnecting, replacing, validating and commissioning of the protection systems. A dedicated team ensured a consistent quality of work and correct and accurate functioning of the systems, within the turnaround schedule.

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We helped the team to select suitable, high quality hardware and provided a turn key solution, fully engineered and commissioned for this retrofit application. With our Istec Response services, we supported the teams transition from operating and maintaining these advanced systems to using their output. In addition, our experts use it the vibration data to provide advanced machine insights.

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Knowledge and cases

We place informative articles and useful case-studies on our knowledgeblog related to procesinstrumentation, condition monitoring, vibrationmeasurements and machineguarding.

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