Engineering solutions

Istec designs and builds turn-key instrumentation cabinets for vibration measurements, temperature measurements and overspeed monitoring, whereby the engineering is based entirely on customer specifications. We handle the entire process, from equipment, engineering and design to the end product, acceptance tests and commissioning. 

Why Istec?

The engineering of instrumentation cabinets requires a great deal of expertise, including knowledge of equipment, applications, ATEX and SIL. With the largest independent in-house team of highly certified engineers in Western Europe, we are ideally qualified to offer customer-specific, turn-key solutions for building instrumentation cabinets (from junction boxes to complete cabinets). Our instrumentation cabinets are accompanied with lifetime support, with high availability and flexibility ensuring that our specialists are immediately available when you need support. With this, Istec contributes to generating maximum value for your rotating machines.

ATEX compliance

Istec performs ATEX compliance scans before starting a turnaround. During this scan, deficiencies regarding cabling, cable connections, junction boxes, instrumentation and installation methods are addressed. Situations inconsistent with ATEX guidelines are registered and added to an action plan.

SIL guidance

Our highly trained and experienced Functional Safety engineers offer consultancy during implementation and maintenance of SIL monitoring systems. Our engineers provide the required documentation and maintenance of the safety systems. We work according to a pragmatic approach, backed by our extensive experience and knowledge. Using insights into the current situation as a starting point for our advice, we draw up a workable plan through this pragmatic approach.

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Acceptance and commissioning

Before an instrumentation cabinet is commissioned, the customer carries out a factory acceptance test (FAT) at Istec. All control and monitoring functions are tested in a suitable test environment. If the customer confirms that the system functions properly, a site acceptance test  (SAT) can be done if desired, where the cabinet is functionally tested again in the factory before being connected. This can rule out possible transport damage.

Istec Response™

Istec Response offers a unique solution for turnkey engineering of instrumentation cabinets, from design and drawing to the verification and commissioning of control and monitoring systems.

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