Exchange your obsolete FT3000 for a modern SpeedSys 200 retrofit solution

TE Connectivity (formerly Jaquet) has officially declared the FT3000 overspeed detection system obsolete. Consequently, spare parts for this sytem are no longer available, and it is advisable to install a new system before the current one begins to fail. 

Istec offers a discount to customers who choose to trade in their existing FT3000 system for our modern SpeedSys 200 retrofit solution. Our team has developed a seamless 1-on-1 replacement solution for the FT3000 system, ensuring minimal impact on the current infrastructure, including sensors and cabling. 

1-on-1 replacement solution

Istec has developed a system that can both be installed on a DIN-rail and in a 19 inch rack (like the FT3000). As the SpeedSys is able to receive speed signals from any type of speed sensor, we are able to provide customers with a 1-on-1 replacement solution, with minimal required infrastructural changes. This means that the time to install the system is kept to a minimum, and so is the downtime of the machinery.

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How it works

Istec or one of our distributing partners will replace the existing FT3000 system and with the SpeedSys 200 system. This system includes the core functionalities of the FT3000, while being actively supported in its lifecycle. Our team of specialists will thoroughly assess your system and provide a discount based on various factors such as the system’s age, functional cards/modules, and other relevant considerations.

Trade-in discount for FT3000 customers

Do you currently have the FT3000 system installed and are you considering upgrading to the advanced SpeedSys 200 configuration? Use our trade-in deal to claim your discount by  completing the form below. One of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with further details and assist you throughout the process. Use this opportunity to replace your obsolete FT3000 system to our state-of-the-art SpeedSys 200 overspeed detection system.