Istec Response™

Istec Response™ is a unique, brand-independent service concept for protection and monitoring systems of rotating machines. With Istec Response, maintenance teams can transfer the management of these complex systems to a team of specialists. Istec Response focuses on all critical phases of the process, from selecting suitable hardware and managing turnarounds to lifetime support and data analysis.   

The largest in-house team of highly certified specialists

Istec has the largest in-house team of vibration and speed experts. Their extensive experience guarantees a suitable solution for every configuration of processes, systems and machines. When expertise or support is needed, accessibility and flexibility are central at Istec.

The fastest and most accurate service on the market

Istec guarantees high availability of local teams with dedicated experts. Intensive cooperation with leading hardware suppliers and a comprehensive stock of spare parts enables Istec to offer the fastest and most accurate service in the market for condition and machine monitoring.

Latest technologies

Istec supplies the best quality sensors and systems from reputable suppliers and all support to maximise the safety and availability of machines. Our measurement data forms the basis for new machine insights and maintenance strategies.

Istec Response™ is based on our corporate philosophy
and vision of current developments in the industry market.
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