Istec Vibration Training Category 1+: Certification

The Istec Vibration Training Category 1+ is created in accordance with the scope of the corresponding leading industry standard. The contents of the training therefore aligns with the requirements for qualification and assessment of personnel; the ISO 18436-2 (CAT1) – Vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics.

Quality assurance

The Istec Category 1+ certificate is not accredited by the standard for issuing personal certificates (ISO 17024). This does not affect the quality of the course in any way. As the entirety of the course is in accordance with the ISO 18436-2 (CAT1) norm and provided by competent vibration specialists (CAT3 & CAT4), we ensured a vibration course to the highest standard.


We differentiated this training from other providers with similar courses by making it more accessible, both financially and technically. The demand for vibration knowledge increases, while the availability of expertise diminishes. We aim to change that, by increasing the attention this discipline receives.

This course is not part of our core business, which is why we do not have a profit motive. As the entire course is pre-recorded and followed online, we are able to cut significant costs of hosting this course. No local presence is required to follow the course, which means that you can participate anywhere in the world, and at any time that suits you.

Conformity over accreditation

We chose conformity over accreditation for multiple reasons:

  1. Costs. We want this vibration course to be accessible to anyone who is interested. This is why we charge a much lower price than our competitors. The accreditation process is expensive, and would therefore have significantly increased the course price.
  2. Value. Accreditation does not affect the value of the course, but simply indicates that a third party has checked the course with the associated ISO standard. This training was tested by a group of 15 independent specialists to ensure its high quality.
  3. Examination. The demands of the norm regarding exam requirements does not allow us to offer the training the way we want it to: completely online and accessible worldwide.


To adhere to the ISO standard, recertification must take place once every five years. You will be notified once the expiration date of your certificate is near.

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