New: Vibration transmitter for SIL2 applications

The ST5484E is a SIL2 certified vibration transmitter for vibration measurements on bearing housings and is suitable for rotating machinery and reciprocating compressors. With the certification, the transmitter is applicable for SIL2 applications with rotational speeds between 120 and 6000 RPM such as blowers, fans, pumps, electric motors, and small turbines.

Vibration monitoring for SIL 2 applications

To obtain a SIL2 certification, the transmitter was evaluated based on the standard IEC61508 – Safety Instruments(SI). The ST5484E can thus be used in accordance with IEC61511 – Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and is applicable as a safety instrument to shut down machines when they are exposed to excessive vibrations. The shutdown levels are determined in consultation with the machine manufacturers or derived from ISO10816; the vibration standard for rotating machines.

ST5484E specifications

The transmitter contains a piezoelectric accelerometer, signal integrator, RMS peak-detector, and a 4-20mA signal converter in one housing. The transmitter is directly mounted on the machine housing or bearing house and provides a 4-20mA output signal without the need for an additional measurement value converter. As a result, the transmitter can be directly linked to an Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) for safety applications (in accordance with IEC 61511) or to a PLC, DCS SCADA system for monitoring and alarm functions.


The transmitter can be fully customized at the time of ordering with the following options:

  • Two-wire version (4-20 mA) or four-wire version (4-20 mA + raw signal)
  • 4-20mA output signal can be ordered as full scale (4mA = 0 vibration, 20mA = full scale vibration)
  • ATEX
  • Various low- and high-pass filters for accurately determining the frequency band
  • IP66/IP67

Machine safety consultancy

The reliability of a monitoring function is crucial and begins with choosing the right hardware. Istec offers consultancy and services related to functional safety and SIL; from implementing and maintaining suitable hardware to performing procedures to meet legal obligations.

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