Istec joins Dutch Gas Turbine Association (DGTA)

Istec has recently become a member of the Dutch Gas Turbine Association (DGTA). The DGTA represents the interests of the gas turbine industry in the Netherlands and aims to strengthen its position in terms of technology, commerce, and the labor market.

The recent membership with DGTA allows Istec to establish closer relationships with gas turbine users in the Netherlands and gain access to a network of industry experts. This provides opportunities for new relations and strengthens our position as a thought leader in the field of vibration and speed measurements. As part of our commitment to support the industry, Istec has also provided a free license per member for the Vibration Training Category 1+ on the Istec Academy. Additionally, we recently organized a successful webinar on improved safety and diagnostics with vibration measurements on gas turbines which recording is available at the Istec Academy.

Looking ahead, we will be attending the NL Gas Turbine User Day on April 13th, where we will sponsor the event and showcase our solutions and services at the vendor fair.