Istec joins the Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA)

Istec has recently become a member of the Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA). The NWEA is the industry association for the Dutch wind sector and promotes the development of wind energy with a view to sustainable Dutch energy supply.

Membership in the NWEA enables Istec to establish closer relationships with wind turbine owners and wind farm managers in the Netherlands, and to gain access to a network of industry experts. In addition, Istec brings a lot of knowledge regarding vibration and speed measurements to the association. As part of our commitment to supporting the wind industry, Istec will provide a free license per member for the Vibration Training Category 1+ at the Istec Academy. There will also be a webinar organized about the value of vibration measurements in wind turbines.

Vibration Analysis for Wind Turbines

Istec offers vibration analysis services for wind farms, providing insights into the health of wind turbines. With Europe’s largest in-house team of highly certified vibration specialists, we support wind farm managers (operators) and owners in their mission to operate their wind farms at optimal performance levels.

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WindEurope, Bilbao

From March 22 to 24, Istec will be present at WindEurope (booth: 1-E130) and we look forward to introducing our services, vibration and speed hardware, and meeting new contacts in the wind market.

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