Istec publishes Vibration Training Category 1+ for engineers and students

As expert in the field of vibration measurements and analysis Istec noticed that this is an underexposed discipline, while at the same time there is a high demand for knowledge related to vibration. Istec aims to make this knowledge more accessible to any engineer and student around the world, both practically and financially. This is why we published the Istec Vibration Training CAT 1+.

Istec Academy

The Istec Academy is our fast growing online learning platform where we publish courses, video’s, and other training material regarding rotating machinery for engineers and students who want to grow their competences. The Istec Vibration training is our first extensive video training that can completely be followed online.

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Why you should follow this course

The content of the training is based on the requirements of the ISO 18436-II standard (CAT1), which is the leading standard for vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics. We exceeded the requirements by adding some in-depth knowledge of specific vibration topics, such as fault condition recognition. The training provides engineers and students with the tools to start measuring vibration themselves, perform basic analyses on rotating machinery and learn to recognize common fault conditions.

The course is fully self-paced, which means that you can stop and continue where you left off whenever you want. The course includes a final exam to test your newly acquired knowledge. Passing the exam is rewarded with the official Istec certificate.

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