Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Condition Monitoring supports predictive maintenance to machines. Predictive maintenance is the determination of the machine’s lifespan and the corresponding required future maintenance. The replacement of a machine can thus be scheduled. Predictive maintenance provides several advantages in the industrial sector.

Advantages of Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is based on trend analysis. These give insight into the condition of a machine and how it will develop in the future. Through an accurate prediction of the lifespan, maintenance can be well-planned. This reduces the downtime of the machines. For critical parts in the production process, this is of vital importance.

Predictive maintenance through vibration measurements can be applied to multiple applications. For example, gearboxes or generators benefit significantly from predictive maintenance. These are less likely to stand still, can continue to produce and lose no profit.

Predictive maintenance reduces the risk of unplanned maintenance. Due to the continuous monitoring of the machinery the exact condition of the machine is known. The identification of future problems is therefore easier to detect and correct.

In Comparison to Preventive Maintenance

An advantage of predictive maintenance compared to preventive maintenance are the costs incurred in the unnecessary replacement of machines or machine parts. For preventive maintenance machines are replaced in a fixed cycle. While these machines can be used for a longer period and are thus often unnecessarily replaced. Predictive maintenance optimizes the lifespan of a machine.

Predictive maintenance requires specialist knowledge and experience. Istec International offers the required knowledge and experience related to Condition Monitoring.

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