Privacy statement & disclaimer

January 5, 2021

Protecting your personal data is important to us. We are responsible for compliance with privacy laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that we have clear objectives for processing your data, saving as little data as possible, asking explicit permission if needed, taking the necessary security measures and respecting your rights.

If you have questions or want to know exactly what exact data we have registered, contact us via or +31(0)252 433 400.

Our aim

Istec processes data concerning customers, suppliers and its own employees. This is done for the execution of the agreements that customers conclude with us, to carefully cooperate with external parties, to share information about products or services, to purchase goods and services and to carry out the employment contract of our employees.

General processing of data

Istec only deals with corporate customers and suppliers. Therefore, we only process corporate data such as invoice details, order and delivery details and corporate contact details of our customers, suppliers and other external parties that we work with. We will therefore never ask for personal contact details and ask you not to use personal contact details at the entry field on our website or for our newsletter. We store data as long as it is necessary according to the legal storage period or for the traceability of our deliveries.

Third parties: systems and processing

The most important systems that are used by Istec for processing data are AFAS Profit, ActiveCampaign, Office 365 and Tresorit. Istec has a GDPR conform processing agreement with its suppliers, which ensures that both Istec and third parties handle your data carefully and lawfully. The systems we use changes regularly. When selecting systems and software, Istec takes the privacy of our customers into account and, if necessary, makes agreements to guarantee privacy.

Apart from our own systems and data processors, we do not provide your personal data to other companies or institutions, unless we are legally obliged to do so.

Exceptions; downloadable content and bookazines

On our website we offer content that you can request by means of a form. Think of bookazines, whitepapers and other downloadable content. We obtain information from you via these forms. We can use this information to process and follow up your request and for our newsletter (see above). If one of our distributors is active in your region, we can process or follow-up your request once with the distributor from our partner network that is closest to you. By agreeing to the storage and processing of the data entered by you for this content, you automatically agree to the sharing of your data within our partner network. Note: We will never sell or share your data with third parties other than those stated above.


Securing data is of great importance to us. We ensure that data is well-secured. We continuously pay attention to potential vulnerabilities and adjust our security measures accordingly.


You always have the right to view, rectify and remove your data, as well as the right to data portability. You can submit a request for this, which we will respond to within 30 days. If you think we are not helping you the way we should, you can file a complaint at the personal data authority.

Contact details

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