Meggitt - dynamische druksensoren

Dynamic pressure sensors (CP-serie)

The CP series from Meggitt Vibro-Meter is a line of piezoelectric pressure transducers for extreme applications. The high quality sensors offer proven durability and accuracy. The dynamic pressure sensors are suitable for extreme temperatures and offer a high sensitivity. The serie has all relevant certifications, including ATEX.



232 pC/bar, −54 to 650 °C, 2 to 10000 Hz


25 pC/bar, −54 to 650 °C, 2 to 15000 Hz


200 pC/bar, −54 to 470 °C, 2 to 15000 Hz


750 pC/bar, −55 to 520 °C, 2 to 10000 Hz

Sensor cross-reference tables

Numerous OEM variations have been made within this line, such as the CP104, CP106, CP107 and CP237. These (and other) OEM versions, as well as 1-to-1 replacements of GE models, can also be ordered directly from Istec.

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Koos Hemmes
  • Consultancy Rotating Equipment, SIL, ATEX

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datasheet Vibro-Meter CP103 – Product Sheet
datasheet Vibro-Meter CP211 – Product Sheet
datasheet Vibro-Meter CP216 – Product Sheet
datasheet Vibro-Meter CP235 – Product Sheet

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