Vibration probe calibrator – IST-300

The vibration calibrator verifies the system logic and safety functions of vibration protection systems.

Accuracy is an important factor for vibration protection systems. To find out whether a system is accurate enough according to machine guidelines, the accuracy must be tested and verified. By simulating vibration signals the vibration protection system can be tested and verified, without disrupting the process.


The IST-300 is capable of simulating signals like axial displacement, acceleration and velocity vibration signals (2oo2 testing). The 2-channel vibration calibrator is compact and easy to use. The tool sends out a pure sine wave with programmable amplitude, frequency and offset. Signals can either be send through field wiring or directly to the vibration protection system. The IST-300 is a fast and reliable tool to verify the system logic and safety functions of vibration protection systems. The IST-300 is suitable for any vibration protection system with voltage inputs, such as the VM600 from Vibro-Meter and the 3500 from Bently Nevada.


  • Verifies system logic and safety functions of vibration protection systems
  • Portable two-channel vibration calibrator
  • Programmable amplitude, frequency and offset
  • Suitable for any every vibration protection system with voltage inputs


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  • Consultancy Rotating Equipment, SIL, ATEX

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datasheet Istec International IST-300 – Product Sheet
manual Istec International – IST-300 Vibration Calibrator Manual

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