VibroSmart VSV301

VibroSmart is a compact vibration protection and monitoring system for rotating machinery. It delivers advanced protection and monitoring for (critical) rotating machinery. The transmitter-based system is scalable which makes it suitable for both smaller and larger rotating machinery.

VibroSmart VSV301 vibration monitoring and protection module

Any plant architecture

The transmitter-based system offers equal functions to a centralized system, but with a more flexible and cost-effective architecture.  

Any application

Scalability allows multiple modules to be connected and modularity enables integration with other systems, making it suitable for both smaller and larger (critical) rotating machinery.

“Plant-wide advanced vibration protection and monitoring without compromising performance” 


VibroSmart VSV301 is designed to deliver state-of-the-art vibration monitoring and protection, compliant to industrial directives. It is ideally suited for industrial plants, which involve (critical) machinery with lower channel counts dispersed over large areas. The distributed architecture of the system negates the infrastructural demands of centralized rack-based systems.

In addition, the system can be integrated with VibroSight software, which enables detailed insights into the condition of rotating machinery and offers extensive analysis options.  


VibroSmart VSV301 vibration monitoring and protection module



The VibroSmart architecture is designed to fit a wide range of applications. From a stand-alone unit for vibration protection and monitoring on balance of plant equipment, up to several connected units to build a complete multi-channel system for larger critical rotating machinery. Typical applications include: 

Micro turbines
■ Compressors and pumps
■ Gas and steam turbines
■ Balance of plant equipment

Technical features

Extreme environments

The VibroSmart modules are designed to work in extreme harsh industrial environments characterized by explosive atmospheres, high temperatures and high mechanical stress.

Extensive alarm options

One module has four basic and two advanced logic functions which can be used to configure up to four alarms per processed output.

Low-cost installation

The VibroSmart modules can be mounted directly on the rotating machinery (DIN-rail), eliminating costly infrastructural requirements, such as (long) cabling.


System features

  • ATEX-certified (Zone 2)
  • Directly mounted to the machine (DIN-rail)
  • Suitable for accelerometers, proximity (eddy current) sensors and velocity sensors.
  • Suitable for integration with VibroSight analysis and data processing software


  • 2 dynamic channels and 1 analog input
  • Auxiliary input channel for tachometer
  • 4 basic and 2 advanced logic functions to drive the module’s relays
  • Ethernet communications