The importance of an end-of-warranty analysis for wind turbine owners

When the warranty period of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is almost over, an end-of-warranty analysis becomes essential for wind turbine owners. During the warranty period, the OEM is responsible for maintaining and repairing the wind turbine in case of malfunctions or performance issues. However, after the expiration of the warranty period, the responsibility for maintaining performance and upkeep lies with the owner or operator of the wind turbine. In this article, we discuss the value of an end-of-warranty analysis for wind turbine owners.

Why an end-of-warranty analysis?

An end-of-warranty analysis can be compared to having a building report done before buying a house. Just as a building inspector conducts a thorough assessment of a house to identify any defects, deficiencies, or structural problems, Istec’s end-of-warranty analysis assesses the vibration levels of the entire drivetrain of the wind turbine, including the low-speed shaft, high-speed shaft, gearbox, and generator.

The end-of-warranty analysis provides valuable insights for wind turbine owners who are taking full responsibility for their turbines after the warranty period expires. It offers an objective assessment of the condition of the wind turbine and gives owners insight into the state of the machine condition that they now have to maintain themselves. For example, the end-of-warranty analysis may reveal that there are remarkable vibration levels indicating potential failures.

End-of-warranty analysis

Our end-of-warranty analysis service is designed to provide wind turbine owners with a brand-independent assessment of the condition of their wind turbine. As warranties expire and maintenance responsibility shifts to the owner, our analysis provides an objective evaluation.