Measuring, monitoring and analysing machine vibrations is our profession. We offer full-service outsourcing for the monitoring and condition monitoring of (critical) rotating machines. The service includes the full scope; from the most state of the art hardware and software to the maintenance of measurement systems and the analysis of vibration data.

With the largest independent in-house team of certified experts and our locations close to factory sites, we are able to respond quickly to problems related to state of the art monitoring and monitoring systems and increase the uptime of rotating machines.

Vibration protection systems

The most state of the art systems for protecting rotating machines on excessive vibration.

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Vibration monitoring systems and software

State of the art monitoring systems for condition monitoring on critical rotating machines. In combination with advanced analysis and visualisation software, insight into machine behaviour increases.

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Turnaround service

Full-service turnaround support for disconnecting, validating and replacing advanced surveillance and monitoring systems and vibration sensors.

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Machine safety consultancy

Consultancy for a clearer understanding of functional safety and SIL implementation, and support with the implementation and maintenance of suitable safety systems and procedures according to machine guidelines.

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Vibration analysis

Extensive analysis of vibration data generated by vibration measurement systems. The analyses are performed by the leading vibration experts from Istec and provide the customer with insight into the vibration behaviour of rotating machines.

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