4 reasons to install a remote vibration monitoring system

Monitoring the vibration behaviour of (critical) rotating machines is crucial to guarantee the reliability and availability of these machines. The vibration behaviour of rotating machinery is therefore closely monitored for significant changes that may indicate developing damage to machine parts. Machine vibrations can be monitored by means of an advanced vibration monitoring system.

Reliable vibration measurements and the interpreting of vibration data requires a high degree of specialist knowledge. Therefore, many companies choose to outsource their vibration analyses. Three methods can generally be distinguished here; periodic, continuous and remote (remote). This article discusses the 4 reasons to consider remote vibration monitoring.

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1. It unburdens the organisations

Remote vibration monitoring enables the user to monitor (critical) rotating machines without burdening his own organization. When a unique situation or inexplicable vibration behaviour occurs, it is often desirable to receive support from a certified vibration specialist. The specialist can analyse the vibration behaviour and provide fitting advice in an extensive report, without having to burden the organization.

2. Expertise on-demand

When vibration specialists can view and analyse vibration data remotely, the on-site engineer team has access to on-demand expertise. In many cases a site visit is not necessary, but by analysing the vibration data, the correct conclusion and corresponding advice can be given remotely. Another advantage of expertise on-demand is that a vibration specialist can provide support to the company much faster compared to when a vibration specialist has to visit on-site. In some cases it may be necessary to intervene quickly, in which case time literally costs money and expertise on-demand is the fastest solution.

“Remote vibration monitoring is the best method to bridge distance and time”

3. Remote troubleshooting

Rapidly changing vibration behaviour or excessive vibrations do not always have a clear and unambiguous root cause, making it difficult to find the appropriate solution. A vibration specialist can therefore be valuable in determining the root cause. In case the production process is affected by the excessive vibrations, troubleshooting is an urgent necessity. This can also occur outside office hours. In that case, the vibration specialist can view and analyse the data via the secure cloud environment and even offer troubleshooting services from home.

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4. Special operating conditions

Plants where dangerous substances are produced or processed cannot simply give access to third party personnel, think of (petro)chemical and nuclear plants. As a result, it is often not possible for third parties to collect vibration data on-site. A remote vibration monitoring system offers an effective solution.

Some plants, for example in the energy sector, have a very low on-site occupation. In plants of this kind, processes and control functions are largely controlled remotely. On-site visits to retrieve vibration data are therefore not desirable. A remote vibration monitoring system also offers an effective solution for such plants.

In addition, some plants are not easy to reach, such as drilling platforms or plants with a remote location. Measuring on-site is difficult, but not so much of a problem because it can be scheduled. However, troubleshooting is a problem, because support is often needed quickly. By installing a remote vibration monitoring system, vibration specialists can provide remote troubleshooting service and only need to be on-site when absolutely necessary.

Portable Condition Monitoring systeem

Vibration analysis with no system installed

When a customer suspects a malfunction or deviation in a rotating machine related to vibration, but has not installed a vibration monitoring system, the specialists of Istec can generate and analyse data by using a portable vibration monitoring system. This portable solution offers the same functions as an advanced monitoring system.

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