Customer reference: Teijin Aramid

Teijin Aramid is the market leader for aramid solutions. Their technology in fibers enables industries to improve their materials in weight, strength or resistance and to bring protection and durability to new levels.


The Teijin manufacturing location in Farmsum operates two critical reciprocating compressors. These compressors were subject to a periodic shutdown cycle for inspections of rider band wear. To improve productivity and reduce operational costs, the team wanted to eliminate the need for an inspection shutdown and change their maintenance operation from periodic to condition based.


Together with CPI, we implemented a RecipSys 200 monitoring solution. This system offers highly accurate, online monitoring of rider band wear through triggered rod displacement measurements. Together we helped the team to select sensors and other hardware and provided a turn key solution that was engineered and commissioned to the application.


  • Advanced monitoring of a key mechanical indicator
  • Online rider band monitoring data to support CBM strategies
  • Essentiality – A system that is easy to use and easy to maintain
  • Sensors, cables, cabinets and accessories to make a complete solution
  • Turn key supply including engineering and commissioning



The two compressors are now running with online rider band monitoring, negating the need for periodic inspection shutdowns. The system monitors a key mechanical indicator and provides data that is crucial for condition based maintenance strategies on these compressors. The system has a low installation footprint and is friendly to use and to maintain.

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