Measuring systems for Condition Monitoring

Istec features a wide range of measuring systems tailored to different applications. Besides complex measurements (e.g. gearboxes and turbines), which demands a lot of knowledge and experience, Istec also performs less complex measurements on ball bearings and sleeve bearings.

Measuring sleeve bearings

In order to measure and analyze sleeve bearings, Istec uses a 32-channel measuring system. This system uses Vibro-Meter (Meggitt) analysis maps. Both axial vibration as home-vibration sensors can be connected. Of each machine a complete history of data is saved to the analysis database, allowing a clear view of occurred changes within the machine.

The measuring systems make it possible to collect data over a long period of time. Any changes in the process will be recorded. Also, the effect on the machine behavior can be analyzed. The analysis maps can also be used to modify an existing Condition Monitoring systems into an Online Condition Monitoring system.

Measurement of ball bearings

In order to measure and analyze ball bearing applications, Istec uses SKF measuring systems. For these measurements, a database will be created for analysis. The software ensures to most efficient way to collect data. The database consists of measuring points, in which the measurement settings are specified for each machine. The measurement settings are based on the technical data of machine and the expected damage frequencies.

Which type of measurement is suitable for an installation is partly determined by the structure and instrumentation of your machine. The procedure page, provides insight in what type of measurement is suitable for specific machines. This procedure is based on years of experience, but adjustments are possible when a machine requires it. Based on the knowledge and experience of our specialists the most suitable methodology will be applied.


Istec is currently developing its own measuring system. This uses the new Vibrometer (Meggitt) analysis maps . This analysis measuring system concerns a 60-channel measurement system which is able to measure every type of machine. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about this measuring system.

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