Istec presents new generation overspeed protection system

Istec presents its SIL rated overspeed protection system: The SpeedSys 200. A game changing innovation driven by decades of experience with speed applications, to broaden the range of rotating machinery that is eligible for high integrity overspeed detection, and to suit a growing demand for SIL-certified solutions. The SpeedSys 200 is expected to be globally available in Q3 of 2020.

Revolutionary innovation

The overspeed protection market is mainly occupied with rack-based systems that are overly complex for smaller or less critical rotating equipment. SpeedSys 200 negates complexity by delivering the core layer of SIL rated overspeed protection with a compact architecture. Its small technical and financial impact enables accessibility to a wider range of rotating equipment, without any safety concessions.

Adapted to market needs

The demand for high integrity safety systems for rotating machinery is increasing simultaneously to the increasing demand for machine availability for both highly critical and less critical machinery. Istec breaks new grounds by taking scalability to a new level, to bridge the gaps between what could and could not be protected.

Change driven by SIL

One of the major drivers of change within the machine protection market is the global adoption of SIL, which applies to both large and small rotating equipment. End-users want to comply to these standards to reach and maintain their safety levels. Industrial standards and insurance companies impose the use of functional safety to a wider range of applications. The SpeedSys 200 architecture suits the technical and economical environment of both large and small rotating machinery.