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Istec offers a broad range of solutions from renowned brands like Jaquet, Meggitt, Fuji, Mütec, Fischer, Metrix and SWR for all your industrial applications. There are several ways to place an order to the process as smooth and easy as possible.

Online via our websho

You can easily place orders quickly and easily through our webshop at Here you will find a large number of solutions for different applications.


You can place an order by simply mailing to It is important to mention the product code or (at least) product name, so it is clear which product (or product variation) you mean. If there are any uncertainties, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also fill in the contact form on the Istec website, so we can contact you as soon as possible.


Istec is available from monday to friday (08:30 – 17:00) by calling +31 (0) 252 433 400. Our telephonist will then connect you to one of our specialists in the field of your application. There is generally someone available to answer your questions or to help with your order.

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