Overspeed protection system – FT3000

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The FT3000 was declared obsolete by the OEM and is functionally replaced by the SpeedSys 200 and SpeedSys 300 systems. Contact us for more information about FT3000 spareparts, service and replacements.


The FT3000 is a multi-channel rack-mounted overspeed protection system. The high-integrity, redudant system concept offers advanced protection on speed and acceleration for large rotating machinery. The system is conform the API 670 guideline and is certified for SIL 3 applications. 

Overspeed protection system - Jaquet FT3000


The FT3000 has a 19″ rack layout and is configured with various cards for the application. The measurement is built with an FTFU 3024 motherboard card and can be functionally expanded with other cards.

  • Jaquet FTFU 3024 Motherboard

The FTFU 3024 forms the basis of the system. The card offers fast detection of overspeed and acceleration and has various industrial outputs.

  • Jaquet FTV 3090 Relay card 

The FTV 3090 offers four relay outputs with four changeover contacts each. The relays can be assigned to limits or status functions.

  • Jaquet FTW 3013 Analogue card

The FTW 3013 has three analogue outputs with independently scalable ranges. Each of the analogue outputs can be used for speed or frequency functions.

  • Jaquet FTBU 3034 Trip control card

The FTBU 3034 card combines six different trip commands for shutdown control, conform the IEC 61508 SIL 3.

  • Jaquet FTK 3072 Communications card

The FTK 3072 controls the communications between the PC and the individual modules in the system. The measuring range, monitoring and relay parameters are configured with the FTK 3072.

Most important functions

  • Advanced overspeed protection for critical rotating machinery
  • 10ms response time for overspeed
  • Certified for SIL3 overspeed protection
  • Modular system structure


Type numbers: FTFU 3024-E01, FTFU 3024-E02, FTFU 3024-E04, FTBU 3034, FTW 3013, FTV 3090, FTK 3072, FTK 3073, FTTK 3083, FTTK 3087, FTZ 2069/3069, FTFU 3024-E01, FTFU 3024-E02, FTFU 3024-E04, FTBU 3034, FTW 3013, FTV 3090, FTK 3072, FTK 3073, FTTK 3083, FTTK 3087, FTZ 2069/3069


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