VibroSight – Condition monitoring software

VibroSight is a software package specifically designed to work with the VM600Mk2/VM600 rack systems and VibroSmart (VSV301) distributed monitoring systems. VibroSight is fast, powerful, and user-friendly software that optimizes the reliability and operational efficiency of industrial rotating machinery by using advanced predictive maintenance methodologies.


Advanced data processing

VibroSight efficiently processes large numbers of measurement points and data through optimized databases and flexible data storage. Data can be quickly retrieved and analyzed thanks to advanced features, and it can even log large systems with more than 700 measurement points. This makes VibroSight the perfect solution for organizations that want to quickly and accurately gain insights into the condition of their machinery.


Comprehensive integration

VibroSight provides modular, flexible, and comprehensive solutions for various industrial applications. It is suitable for machine monitoring and condition monitoring applications and works with VM600Mk2/VM600 rack systems and VibroSmart systems. The data can be visualized and analyzed both offline and online.



The VibroSight software is easy to install and configure, allowing you to get started quickly. The automated database management and fast data analysis provide insights into the condition of your machines. Additionally, there is an integrated diagnostic rulebox that supports you with troubleshooting issues.



  • Vibration monitoring and analysis on rotating machinery
  • Rolling-element bearing analysis
  • Hydro air-gap and magnetic-flux monitoring and analysis
  • Dynamic combustion monitoring and analysis
  • Fully automated decision support system using the diagnostic rulebox

Automated decision support

The integrated diagnostic rulebox of VibroSight is a powerful, fully automated decision support system for machine experts and operators. This optional feature is designed to increase the efficiency of data analysis and problem detection in machine monitoring systems. This is done by applying diagnostic “rules” to the large amounts of data typically generated by modern condition monitoring systems.


Software modules

VibroSight uses a primarily client-server architecture to provide various software modules and packages specifically designed to support different machine monitoring needs. Each module is designed to work seamlessly with the others to provide a complete solution for machine monitoring and predictive maintenance. VibroSight software comes with the following modules: 

VibroSight Protect

For the configuration and operation of machinery protection (MPS) functionality for VM600Mk2 systems.

VibroSight Capture

For the configuration and operation of condition monitoring (CMS) functionality for VM600Mk2 systems.

VibroSight Configurator

For the configuration configuration of VM600 rack-based machinery condition monitoring system hardware and VibroSmart distributed monitoring system hardware.

VibroSight Event Viewer

Allows the monitoring of alarms and system events from monitoring systems or stored in VibroSight databases.

VibroSight Mimic

Provides an overview of the machinery being monitored using live measurement data. Mimic uses shortcuts that allow static and dynamic measurements of interest to automatically open the Vision software module and be displayed in more detail.

VibroSight Vision

Features an extensive catalog of graphs to display and analyze live or historical data from monitoring systems or stored in VibroSight databases.

VibroSight System Manager

Enables system maintenance tasks such as firmware upgrades of software modules or configuring IP addresses and NTP settings.

VibroSight Server

The core server software module that interacts with all other parts of the machinery monitoring system and manages the online database.

VibroSight software courses

Enroll in the free VibroSight Protect and VibroSight Capture software courses from Vibro-meter (Meggitt) on the Istec Academy to gain a thorough understanding of how to effectively utilize the software.

These in-depth video courses cover various aspects of both Protect and Capture software, enabling you to become proficient in their functionalities. With these courses, you can easily familiarize yourself with the software and begin using it to its full potential.

VibroSight Protect video course »

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