Speed protection

Istec offers advanced SIL-rated speed protection systems to detect overspeed and acceleration on rotating machinery. The hardware is suitable for SIL2 and SIL3 applications and in accordance with the API 670.

Why Istec?

The reliability of a protection system is crucial and starts with choosing the right hardware. We believe, however, that the quality of this hardware can only really express itself when good service is provided. That is why we offer lifetime support and turnaround service on both the systems we supply and systems from other brands; to ensure the safe operation of rotating machines with maximum uptime and efficiency.

Next generation SIL-rated protection systems

For overspeed protection, we offer state-of-the-art systems that can be used for SIL2 and SIL3 applications.

SpeedSys® 200

The SpeedSys 200 is a high integrity overspeed protection system. The robust design with advanced self-monitoring, galvanic separated in- and outputs and certification by design make a high-end product that stands out in the market. The focus on the core safety functions make a system that is easy to use and to maintain, with very long proof test intervals. SIL 2 certified protection can be achieved with a single module but because of the versatility of the system, multiple modules can be linked to maximize availability.

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SpeedSys® 300

The SpeedSys 300 is a reliable and simple system with advanced functionalities for monitoring for overspeed and acceleration for applications where 2oo3 voting and SIL3 ratings apply.

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Jaquet FT3000 replacement

The production of the FT3000 overspeed monitoring system has been discontinued since 2018 by TE Connectivity (formerly Jaquet). Istec has created a 1-to-1 replacement for the FT3000 rack with our SpeedSys ODS.

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Note: Istec offers spare parts for the obsolete FT3000 system as long as they are in stock and continues to offer technical support to our high service standards to guarantee a reliable system.

Monitoring systems

For speed monitoring without SIL requirements we offer a series of speed monitoring and switching systems.

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Istec builds turn-key junction boxes and instrumentation cabinets for overspeed monitoring and handles the entire process; from hardware, engineering and design to the end product, acceptance tests and commissioning.

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Proof tests with overspeed simulation

To validate a monitoring system, it is necessary to simulate an overspeed situation. Our specialists perform proof tests for this with the 3-channel frequency generator (IST-101) that we have developed.

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Istec Response™

Istec Response ™ is a unique full-service solution to fully outsource control system monitoring. The flexible system specialists from Istec provide all the support needed to guarantee safety and maximise uptime. Istec Response ™ covers all critical elements of these systems, from turnkey engineering to lifetime support and troubleshooting.

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