Istec has developed a number of tools to calibrate sensors and test systems. The use of these tools minimizes human error. Also, the tools contribute to efficient, uniform tests with clear reports.

IST-101 Frequency Generator

The IST-101 Frequency Generator simulates speed signals for verifying speed monitoring systems. The IST-101 differs from the standard function generators because the standard function generators do not allow 3-channel control, while the IST-101 does. For this reason, the IST-101 Frequency Generator is most complete and easy to use for the measurement of over-speed, under-speed and speed acceleration.

IST-300 Vibration Calibrator

For the determination of the accuracy of vibration monitoring and protection systems the IST-300 vibration calibrator is very suitable. A simple battery powered DC voltage simulator allows only static signals to be simulated, for example axial displacement and/or bias voltage. For dynamic acceleration, velocity and/or radial vibration signals a function generator is needed. The compact 2-channel, battery-powered, vibration calibrator has been developed based on input from our field service engineers.

IST-401 Automated Probe Calibrator

The IST-401 Automated Probe Calibrator is a fully automated eddy current probe calibrator. The calibrator is controlled by a laptop or a touch panel. The IST-401 changes the distance between the target material and the probe. The IST-401 gives a very accurate data stream with a high resolution. The data is stored on the laptop. The IST-401 uses this data to automatically generate probe curves, more accurate calculations and report on probe, machine or factory level.

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