Vibration analysis

The analyses are performed by the leading vibration experts from Istec and provide the customer with insight into the vibration behaviour of rotating machines. These accurate insights make it possible to implement a predictive maintenance strategy that achieves higher machine availability and lower operating costs.

Why vibration analysis by Istec?

Analysing and interpreting measurement data requires specialist knowledge. It requires understanding of machines, their construction and behaviour, as well as experience to relate the vibration signals to that knowledge. Years of experience and the highest possible specialisation for performing vibration measurements and analyses (up to ISO-18436-2 level 4) makes Istec the ideal partner for performing vibration analyses. Our service is brand independent, which means that our specialists carry out measurements and analyses on all vibration monitoring systems and machines. Due to high accessibility and flexibility, our specialists are available when needed, for minimum downtime and maximum value generation of rotating machines.

Methods of vibration analysis

Istec uses different methods for vibration measurements and analyses.

  • Continuous (online). With this method, data is continuously generated by the vibration monitoring system and can be read locally or remotely. Istec then analyses these data with a pre-agreed interval, or when deviations occur.
  • Periodic With this method, data acquisition takes place at a fixed interval by means of portable measuring systems/data collectors. Vibration data can then be analysed locally or remotely by Istec.
  • Remote. With this method, the vibration data is continuously collected via the Istec cloud, after which it is analysed remotely by the specialists of Istec.

If no vibration monitoring system is present, Istec has access to various data collectors and advanced multi-channel measurement systems for periodic or temporary measurements.

Analysis and advice

Istec’s condition monitoring specialists use VibroSight® software to analyse, visualise and interpret the vibration data. Based on our interpretation, a detailed advice report is made in which the current condition of the machine is explained and clear usage or maintenance suggestions are made.

Troubleshooting for machines

If a customer suspects a malfunction or deviation in a rotating machine, but has not installed a condition monitoring system, our specialists can come to the site and generate and analyse data using a portable condition monitoring system. This portable solution offers the same functionalities as advanced monitoring systems.

Read more about the portable condition monitoring system in the brochure: Istec Special Products.

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