5 reasons the RecipSys 200 fits your reciprocating compressor

The RecipSys 200 rod drop module is a transmitter based monitoring system. It provides essential monitoring on a key mechanical indicator; rod displacement (drop) indicates rider band wear. The transmitter based system operates stand-alone or as add-on to advanced systems. It is easily scalable by connecting multiple modules for 3 or more cylinder applications, and is integrable with advanced monitoring systems. We discuss 5 reasons why the RecipSys 200 fits your reciprocating compressor.


Rod displacement is a key mechanical indicator for reciprocating machinery, to detect and trend rider band wear. Since the position of the piston rod changes through the course of the cycle, a phase triggered measurement is required for an accurate and repeatable result. The RecipSys 200 provides exactly that, simplicity and effectiveness.


Monitoring rod displacement is only relevant if it is understood well. The transmitter-based layout offers a simple measurement concept. It focuses on a single (mechanical) indicator and provides clear outputs, for direct alarms or further processing. It is easy to configure and simplifies the user experience for installation, maintenance and instrumentation use.


Monitoring systems for reciprocating machinery are often offered as a complete monitoring system, which might not be suitable for smaller equipment. The transmitter-based layout of the rod drop module offers excellent scalability to fit every monitoring need. Multiple modules can be connected to monitor 3 or more cylinder applications. Other transmitter systems, like crosshead /casing vibration, impact or temperature, can be added to create cost-effective, suitable monitoring solutions.


The rod drop module can be used as a stand-alone rod displacement monitoring system or as an add-on to existing monitoring equipment. The system is suitable for various sensor brands and the industry standard outputs can be used for integration with different systems like PLC, SCADA, control systems or other advanced monitoring systems.


The RecipSys 200 is a simple and effective rod displacement monitoring system for monitoring key mechanical behaviour. The cost-effectiveness and scalability of the transmitter layout makes the system suitable for every monitoring need. The simplicity of the system supports quick installation and very low maintenance needs.

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