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Rising energy costs and global promotion of reducing CO2 emissions result in growing demands for building industrial systems. Reducing energy consumption can be realized under the guise of energy management. Reducing energy consumption cannot be ignored due to legal regulations concerning emissions and consumption. Moreover, there are political factors that make the reduction of energy consumption gain more attention. An example is the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV 2014) with the goal to reduce energy consumption in buildings. Energy efficiency is the main goal of the EnEV 2014. It also helps pursuing government energy policies. These include (stringent) requirements and necessities for energy consumption for both new and existing buildings. This is accompanied by the power classifications and the corresponding certificates issued to buildings.

Fischer solutions

Fischer has developed various solutions which ease meeting the regulations and requirements regarding energy reduction and CO2 emissions. In the context of energy management, Fischer provides various solutions such as frequency converters which ensure optimal control of ventilation systems. Because only the necessary air volume is produced, one can save significantly on energy consumption. Fischer offers a large scale of energy management solutions for various applications.

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