Vibration protection systems

Istec offers vibration protection systems with reliable and accurate trip functions for excessive vibrations on (critical) rotating machinery. Both the most state of the art vibration monitoring systems and simpler transmitters and switches. This increases machine availability and improves process efficiency.

State of the art systems

State of the art vibration monitoring systems offer a complete solution for monitoring excessive vibration behaviour for complex installations. These systems offer state of the art trip and logic functions, options for vibration monitoring and integration with extensive analysis software.

Rack-mounted vibration monitoring – Vibro-meter VM600

The VM600 is the most state of the art centralised system for monitoring and monitoring vibration on rotating machines. The SIL-certified system has a high channel density (up to 48 channels) and has been developed for the monitoring and monitoring of complex installations and machine trains.

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Module-based vibration monitoring – Vibro-meter VSV301

The VibroSmart system is a two-channel vibration monitoring and monitoring system that offers scalable and advanced monitoring and monitoring for (critical) rotating machines.

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Transmitters and switches

Vibration transmitters and switches offer more simple but effective solutions for vibration monitoring. These solutions are often suitable for smaller and less critical machines.

Vibration transmitters

Vibration transmitters offer a less advanced form of vibration monitoring, but usually have functionalities with regard to alarm values and configuration options.

More state of the art transmitter systems, such as the VSV301, have additional functions that are comparable to centralised systems (VM600). These transmitter systems have multiple channels, logic functions and advanced data analysis and communication. These systems can be used as a stand-alone monitoring and monitoring system, and can even be used as a replacement for  rack-based centralised systems.

Vibration switches

Unlike vibration transmitters, vibration switches offer a more simple but functional form of vibration monitoring; they detect vibration and trigger a switch or alarm when set limit values are reached.


The specialists at Istec design and build turnkey instrumentation cabinets for vibration monitoring. We handle the entire process, from equipment, engineering and design to the end product, acceptance tests and commissioning.

Istec Response™

Istec Response™ is a unique full-service solution to fully outsource the management of control and monitoring systems. Istec Response™covers all critical elements of these systems, from turnkey engineering to lifetime support and data analysis.

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