Vibration sensors & transmitters

Istec has a wide range of vibration sensors and transmitters for various applications. By offering both hardware and service, we have the most complete solutions for vibration measurements on (critical) rotating machines.

Why Istec?

Istec supplies sensors and transmitters of the highest quality for (critical) rotating machines. We believe, however, that the quality of this hardware can only really express itself when good service is provided. Therefore, Istec offers support in choosing application-suitable hardware, customisation through in-house developed probe spindles, lifetime support and turnaround service. Our team of vibration specialists stands for flexibility and responsiveness in offering service, which combined with a fast delivery of hardware ensures maximum efficiency.


Proximity sensors

These sensors are also called eddy current, displacement or distance sensors, and are used for measuring shaft movements and internal clearances in plain bearings. For example, the vibrations of a drive shaft relative to slide bearings or other supporting parts can be measured.

Velocity sensors

Velocity sensors are used for monitoring vibrations and for balancing rotating machines. This type of sensor has a lower sensitivity to high-frequency vibrations than accelerometers and is therefore less prone to overloading.


An accelerometer can be used for both high and low frequency vibration measurements. The sensor converts dynamic vibrations to a voltage. These are full-contact sensors that are placed directly on the object to be measured, such as a bearing housing or gearbox.

Vibration transmitters

Istec RecipSys 200

The RecipSys 200 is a transmitter based system for monitoring rod displacement on reciprocating compressors for accurate real-time insight into rider band wear. It uses a phase trigger to filter the displacement signal from the piston rod (rod displacement) at the correct phase angle.

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Meggitt – VibroSmart

The VibroSmart system (VSV301) by Meggitt is a two-channel DIN rail transmitter for vibration monitoring (SIL1) and vibration monitoring The scalable layout makes advanced monitoring available for both small and large installations. The transmitter-based system can be integrated with VibroSight® for extensive analysis options.

Metrix – ST5484E

The ST5484E by Metrix is a single channel vibration transmitter. The transmitter can be mounted directly on the housing of the machine or the bearing and has a built-in sensor and signal conditioner. The ST5484E offers a cost-efficient solution for simple vibration monitoring.

Metrix – 5580

The 5580 by Metrix is a two-channel DIN rail signal conditioner that receives signals from velocity sensors, accelerometers and proximity probes. The freely programmable transmitter offers simple control and monitoring functions.

Turnaround service

During a turnaround, the Istec specialists can offer service for sensors and tachometers. The sensors are disassembled, inspected, calibrated and, if necessary, replaced.

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Machine safety consultancy

Istec offers consultancy on functional safety and SIL, from the implementation and maintenance of suitable monitoring systems to procedures to meet legal obligations.

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