Istec becomes main distributor of Jaquet speed sensors in EMEA region

TE Connectivity, owner of the Jaquet product line, has appointed Istec as main distributor of Jaquet speed sensor products in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle-East & Africa). A responsibility that coincides perfectly with our expertise and recent SpeedSys product development. Decades of experience with the Jaquet product line allows Istec to confidently take over the Jaquet sales, support and inventory from TE Connectivity.

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Istec onboarding

To ensure a smooth transition we have created an onboarding page. On this page customers from TE Connectivity can sign up to our customer base to ease the process of ordering Jaquet products.

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SpeedSys and Jaquet speed sensors

Istec has recently launched its own SIL-rated overspeed detection system; the SpeedSys 200. This system works with any speed sensor, including the Jaquet speed sensors. Moreover, it allows for easy retrofitting of systems that have gone obsolete, such as the Jaquet FT3000. The Speedsys 200 is globally available via our partner network.

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Customer support

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