Istec SpeedSys T30

The SpeedSys T30 is a 3-channel speed monitor and switch for rotating machinery. It delivers accurate protection and monitoring to speed applications without a SIL requirement. Its small size and versatile usability (DIN-rail mount) allows for low-impact installation to enable speed monitoring and protection to a wide range of applications. The T30 is part of the SpeedSys Tx0-series with the T10 and T20. 

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Any speed function

The SpeedSys T30 provides overspeed, underspeed and acceleration protection (without SIL-requirement), and has extensive monitoring functions, including dynamic sensor monitoring (comparing channels), reverse rotation, creep and standstill.

Standalone protection & monitoring

The system has triple redundant inputs for direct sensor connections and digital input signals, a redundant power supply, extensive relay options and Modbus communication.


SpeedSys 200/300 extension

The SpeedSys T30 can also be used as an extension of the SpeedSys 200/300 SIL-rated overspeed protection system for additional relays, and to add monitoring functions and advanced Modbus communication.


The SpeedSys T30 is designed with triple redundant sensor inputs and a redundant power input. It consists of three completely independent modules in one unit. Each module has two relays (one alarm relay and one trip relay), adding up to a total of 6 relays per unit. The SpeedSys T30 accepts inputs from variable reluctance sensors (electromagnetic) and Hall-effect sensors, speed encoders, but also processes digital input signals.

Its compact design ensures a small technical footprint to extend its usability to any speed application.    




The SpeedSys T30 is used to monitor speed conditions on rotating machinery. However, due to the three trip relays it can also be used as a 3-channel overspeed protection unit for rotating machinery. Regarding overspeed protection it’s most suitable for small high speed rotating machinery that does not have SIL requirements. Typical applications are: 

  • Aeroderivatives
  • Micro turbines
  • Wind turbines
  • Gas- and steam turbines
  • Hydro turbines
  • Compressors
  • Expanders




Triple redundant input channels

The SpeedSys T30 features triple redundant input channels, making it suitable for speed protection and monitoring.

Multiple input signals

The system can process input signals from variable reluctance sensors (electromagnetic) and Hall-effect sensors, speed encoders, but can also process digital input signals.


Industry standard outputs

The SpeedSys T30 connects every common speed function to any industry standard output.


System features

  • 3 independent channels
  • Triple redundant sensor inputs
  • Triple redundant power inputs


  • 6 relays
  • 3 trip relays (overspeed protection with 2oo3 voting)
  • 3 configurable alarm relays (monitoring speed conditions)
  • Modbus communication



SpeedSys is a family of (SIL-rated) protection and monitoring systems for rotating machinery that deliver advanced monitoring and protection on speed functions.

SpeedSys Tx0-series (non SIL)


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