Snelheid meet-, schakel- en aanwijsinstrument - T500

Jaquet T501 – Tachometer

Note: The T501 has been declared obsolete and is no longer available; the SpeedSys T20 (2-channel) or SpeedSys T30 (3-channel) offer a functional replacement.


The Jaquet T501 (previously T500) is a two-channel tachometer for demanding machine monitoring applications. The unit has a measuring range of 0.025 Hz to 50 kHz and gives a 4-20 mA output signal that can be configured via the supplied Windows software.

Input and output signals

  • 2 frequency inputs (speed signals) and 2 binary inputs.
  • 2 analog outputs, 2 open collector outputs and 4 relays.


The T501 has programmable logic, diagnostic functions and measurement functions, a fast response time of 8 ms and contains 4 parameter sets with 6 system limits each for virtually unlimited applications.

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Serial numbers

384Z-05600 (T501.50)
384Z-05601 (T501.10)

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brochure Jaquet – Company Brochure
brochure Jaquet – Speed / Overspeed Brochure
datasheet Jaquet T-501 – Product Sheet
manual Jaquet T-501 – Manual

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