Speed monitoring

Istec offers a range of advanced speed monitoring and switch systems that deliver accurate speed monitoring to any rotating machine. 

Istec SpeedSys speed monitoring and switch systems

The Istec Tx0-series provide speed monitoring and switching on rotating equipment. The systems have a small technical footprint and allow for low-impact installations. The Tx0-series comes in three versions.

  • SpeedSys T10
    The SpeedSys T10 is a 1-channel monitoring and switching system with 2 configurable relays. It converts rotational speed into highly accurate analog signals for further processing and provides relay functions for alarm and trip.
  • SpeedSys T20
    The SpeedSys T20 is a 2-channel monitoring and switching system with 4 configurable relays. The T20 offers more speed monitoring functions than the T10, including: speed acceleration, creep, zero speed, reverse rotation, dynamic sensors monitoring, and multi-channel integrated trip functions. The system also features a redundant power supply and redundant sensor inputs.
  • SpeedSys T30
    The SpeedSys T30 is a 3-channel monitoring and switching system with 6 configurable relays. The T30 offers similar functions as the T20 but adds an additional channel and relays. It has triple redundant sensors inputs and a redundant power supply.

Jaquet tachometers  

For applications where speed measurement with a switching function is required, we offer three series of programmable tachometers from Jaquet.

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  • T401
    The T401 is a single channel tachometer and can be used for simple speed measurement with switching function. This tachometer is also available with a display like T411 for direct local reading.
  • T501
    The T501 is a two-channel tachometer and speed switch for complex measurement, control and monitoring applications. The high accuracy and fast response time makes this tachometer not only suitable for overspeed monitoring, but also includes acceleration monitoring as standard.
  • T601
    Note: the Jaquet T601 has been discontinued by its OEM and is no longer available. The SpeedSys T20 offers a functional replacement with additional functions. 

    The most advanced tachometer is the T601. Just like the T501, it is a two-channel tachometer, but it contains many other functions such as rotation direction and creep detection. The T601 can also process temperature measurements from Pt100 sensors.

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