Vibration monitoring systems and software

Istec offers the most state of the art vibration monitoring systems for (critical) rotating machines. By monitoring vibration behaviour, insight is gained into the current condition of the machine, with which effective maintenance can be planned and which provides valuable information for predictive maintenance strategies. This improves the availability and service life of the machine and increases process efficiency.  

Istec vibration monitoring hardware

Istec VibSys

VibSys is an advanced vibration monitoring system and cloud gateway designed to deliver accurate vibration monitoring to any rotating machine, eliminating the need for manual measurements. By seamlessly integrating traditional data acquisition with any data analysis platform, VibSys offers a user-friendly and cost-effective solution, while enhancing machine insights and maintenance efficiency.

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Istec RecipSys 200

The RecipSys 200 is a transmitter based system for monitoring rod displacement on reciprocating compressors for accurate real-time insight into rider band wear. It uses a phase trigger to filter the displacement signal from the piston rod (rod displacement) at the correct phase angle.

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Vibro-meter vibration monitoring hardware

There are various options for measuring and monitoring vibration, from complete monitoring systems with integrated vibration monitoring to simple vibration transmitters.

Vibration monitoring; optional or integrated

Istec offers monitoring systems with both optional and integrated monitoring functions.

  • VM600
    The VM600 is a state of the art vibration monitoring and monitoring system for rotating machines. The system has high channel density, making it suitable for monitoring applications with many measuring points such as complete machine trains and complex installations. Monitoring functions can optionally be added to the control functions. The system can be integrated with VibroSight®, the Vibro-Meter (Meggitt) vibration monitoring and analysis software package.
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  • VSV301 (VibroSmart)
    The VSV301 is a state of the art vibration control and monitoring system for rotating machines. The system is scalable from 2 channels, making it ideal for smaller applications. The system can function standalone or be integrated with the VM600 with VibroSight®, the Vibro-Meter (Meggitt) vibration monitoring and analysis software package.
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Metrix vibration monitoring hardware

Metrix – 5580

The 5580 from Metrix is a two-channel DIN rail signal conditioner that receives signals from velocity sensors, accelerometers and proximity probes. The freely programmable transmitter offers simple monitoring and monitoring functions.

Metrix – ST5484E

The ST5484E from Metrix is a single channel vibration transmitter. The transmitter can be mounted directly on the housing of the machine or the bearing and has a built-in sensor and signal conditioner. The ST5484E offers a cost-efficient solution for simple vibration monitoring.

Monitoring software

VibroSight® is the most state of the art vibration monitoring and analysis software package from Vibro-Meter (Meggitt) and works with both VibroSmart and VM600 systems. This software package offers extensive options for monitoring and analysing vibration data. The extensive insights into the machine condition that the software offers contribute to condition-based maintenance, which increases the service life and uptime of the machine.

On-demand vibration monitoring

In addition to supplying systems, our specialists can perform vibration measurements on location, analyse data and provide comprehensive advice with their own equipment. Based on this advice, effective maintenance can be performed during a turnaround.

Vibration analysis

Istec offers extensive vibration analysis service, performed by our leading vibration experts. With this, we provide the customer with insights into the vibration behaviour of (critical) rotating machines and a detailed report with usage and maintenance advice.

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