Istec products

We ensure maximal value generation of your machinery by ensuring a full coverage of protection and monitoring solutions for critical assets. Our product design bridges market gaps and taps into our 45 years of expertise in the industry.

RecipSys 200 – Triggered rod displacement monitoring

The RecipSys 200 is a transmitter based monitoring- and protection system for reciprocating machinery, that offers advanced rod displacement measurements for rod drop and rod flex applications.

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SpeedSys 200 – Overspeed protection (trip) system

The SpeedSys 200 is a SIL rated overspeed protection system. The robust design with advanced self-monitoring, galvanic separated in- and outputs and certification by design make a high-end product that stands out in the market.

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Hot Cutover Tool - IST-203

IST-203 – Online DCS Migration Tool

The IST-203 takes over and simulates 0(4)-20 mA loops during active process conditions. This allows the user to perform an online control system migration (DCS-migration) without any disturbance of the process, while increasing efficiency and control.

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