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From February 2017, Istec International will represent the product range of H&B Sensors. Based in the United Kingdom, H&B Sensors specializes in a wide range of measuring instruments, including temperature sensors, level measurement sensors, pressure measurements, and flow meters.

Istec International and H&B Sensors share many similarities, which provides a solid foundation for collaboration. Both companies are active in developing and supplying measuring instruments for the energy, chemical, petrochemical, and bulk industries, and are familiar with the required certifications. Like Istec, H&B Sensors specializes in providing custom solutions and delivering small quantities, allowing Istec to maintain its flexibility.

Temperature sensors

Within the H&B Sensors range, there is a wide variety of temperature sensors (Pt10 / Pt100 / Pt130 / Pt500 / Pt1000), most of which are also suitable for explosive environments (ATEX certified).

The range also includes various temperature transmitters, temperature indicators (LED / LCD), and thermowells, the majority of which comply with ATEX guidelines.

Other sensors; level switches, pressure gauges, flow meters

In addition to a wide range of temperature measurement options, H&B Sensors also offers various level switches, pressure transmitters, and flow meters.

Questions or interested?

If you have any questions or are interested, we are of course happy to help. Please contact us via the contact form or call one of our specialists at +31(0)252 433 400.

About H&B Sensors

H&B Sensors was founded in 1978 and is based in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing solutions in the field of temperature sensors, level switches, pressure gauges, and flow meters. They aim for high quality and a wide range of sensors for various applications, including sensors suitable for the energy, chemical, petrochemical, and bulk industries.